Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What a Month it has been

Wow, I can't believe that it has been a month since I updated this blog. ALOT has happened. First, all three of the kids were sick and to the doctor probably more than 10 times total and lots of medicine and general crabiness because they got a virus that then decided to hang around as sinus infections and add to that Autumn's asthma acting up it was not fun. I think we finally have them back to good health!!??
As for Hunter and his sensory issues all went to pot this last month with him being sick, He was so lethargic that we had to stop his listening therapy because all he did was lay around and sleep, eating was not even thought of. I think he went for 3 days at one point without eating because he felt so bad. As least he would drink. so now that he is better, all of his behaviors have come back... Biting, hitting, screaming, jumping, and in general just plain defiant. so that was the crap of the month so now for some fun..... Autumn started Soccor and has had her first two games of wich they lost both. She informed me that she does not want to be in soccor next year because it's just to much running. I can live with that considering that she has asthma and it is alot for her. T-Ball has also started. Autumn and Hunter are on the same team this year and they had there first practice this last monday evening. Autumn did great and well Hunter not so great. He spent the first half of the practice screaming at us and the poor coaches had no idea what to do with him and then he noticed his coach from last year and said I will practice if my old coach helps me!!! Wow what a memory. So I went to speak with her and she was happy to help. After 10 minutes he agreed to be out on the field by himself and was excited for the next practice. WOW, is about all I can say, but considering, I'm just happy he stoped screaming!!!! I'm hoping that this will get better once he gets back into the swing of things with therapy. As for Miss Trinity, she will occasionally decide to dig her BM out of her diaper and smear it everywhere, But since has told me "Mommy, I'm poopy" and then she will run and get a diaper and lay down. I think it's time to potty train that girl!!!! We'll see how well that goes. As for Aaron my DH, the poor guy has been working six 12 hour days a week and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. :((
As for my knitting alot has happened I have purchased several books they are pictured and I can't believe the great deal that I got on them. So heres the list:
1. Knitting Simple Sweaters from Luxurous Yarn $5.98 at Barns and Noble What a deal!!!
2. Victorian Lace Today $ 29.95 at Barns and Noble, regular price but so worth it
3. Lace Style $24.95 from Barns and Noble, again regular price but very worth it.
the remainder of the books I got form crafters Choice book club and I couldn't be happier all for a total of $27.95
4. Beautiful Knitting by Luce smits
5. 101 one skein wonders
6. The knitter's bible knitted accessories
7. 100 knitting projects
8. the yarn girls' guide to beyond the basics
Thats 8 books for $88.83 that's $11.10 average each

this is a picture of the featherlight lingerie dress in the Lace style book that I am just in love with and will hopefully get to knit it before the summer is over. Leah, this is the pattern that I was asking you about.

This picture is some of my spinning that I have done. On the bobbin is some merino/silk from Yarn or a Tale. it is so super soft that I just can't wait to get it finished and plyed. hopefully this week yet. the skein in the middle is some mohair that I bought on ebay. It turned out really nice but, I wish I had more of it. I could have also plyed it a little tighter. Oh well, it's the first time spinning mohair. The skein on the far right is 100% alpaca that is what I would call a heavy lace weight or fingering weight. I plan on using this for the SASE yahoo groups first KAL that starts on the 7th. We will be knitting a scarf this time.
AHHHHH finally last but not least.

This is the mystery shawl that I almost have finished. I only have a little bit of the boarder to do and then the fun task of blocking it. I can't wait to get it done, I'm sort of getting to the point of not wanting to work on it, but then again the excitement of almost being done keeps me going. I'll post pictures of it after I get it all finished
Well, that's all for tonight. I know what was I thinking waiting to put all of this on one day. I guess that's what I get for not posting for a month. Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

WOW!!! This is a gorgeous shawl! I can easily understand your excitement! ;-)

Are you making it for yourself?

pam said...

Yes, I am making it for myself. For once.

Joelle said...

That shawl is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Emily said...

That shawl is beautiful!! I know all about that feeling of not wanting to finish a project because it's not exciting anymore. You hit the drudgery of knitting and have to force yourself to finish. I had a huge poncho project last year that I was doing for a friend, and there was nothing keeping me going on that one....it took forever to finish and then it wasn't even for me to wear. Now I'm sticking to dishcloths and lots of small projects. I love the nearly instant gratification!

Emerald said...

I have that Knitters Bible Knitted Accessories book. I'm currently working on the cabled poncho. I love that book, and will probably make some other projects from there too!!

Prettybird said...

The books look great! I love looking through knitting books almost as much as I love knitting. My friend, Kathy, gave me a copy of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. There are several volumes now, I think, but this is an old copy. I love looking at stitch patterns.

The shawl is awesome! I can't remember the last time I knit something for my self. Seems like the yarn is always too expensive or something. I have my eye on a sweater I want to knit from Fiona Ellis's book Inspired Cable Knits, but I need to save my pennies!


graymama said...

Happy to hear that everyone is well again :-)

How great that Hunter's old coach helped him to reframe the situation and focus. I hope that the next practice goes off without a hitch.

My Hubby works five 12-15 hour days a week. I feel your pain on that one!

I recently took "the yarn girls' guide to beyond the basics" out from the library, and I LOVE it!!!

I just finished a shawl that took me months to finish. Whenever I reached a moment where I hated it, I would put it down to make something else. I think that helped. It was hard to give it away when I finished, though. Your shawl is AMAZING!

N. Maria said...

You spin beautifully!
You are an accomplished knitter!
You're an amazing mom!
I bet you're a dedicated nurse, too!

Leah said...

You're doing so great at spinning...it's obvious you're a natural :) Beautiful shawl too!

RaAnn said...

My goodness you have been through a lot. The shawl is gorgeous! Please share the pattern link or location.

BTW, You have been Tagged!! Please go to Wicket Stitch Handcrafts to learn more. - RaAnn =)

Monique said...

Well, did you knit the Featherlight Lingerie Dress?? I just put that in the wings for my next project. Been looking forward to using Kidsilk yarn also. Not sure what color I'm going to make this. I like the cream. So maybe...will see.