Thursday, August 30, 2007

Making choices for Secret of a Stole

Ok, I know, I know. I am a little crazy I have joined two new KAL's and I just am having a hard time deciding on my yarn for the Secret of a Stole KAL. So, I would love your advice on which yarn and bead combination to go with because I am having such a hard time deciding what to go with. I know that the designer said solid colors more earth tones and no primary or really bright colors. so here are my two choices

they both are 100% cashmere from colourmartuk. and I think that I have enough do use either one ( I have to measure it out yet and then wind into balls). The brown one is colorway Mink with size 6/0 transparent silver lined tortoise color seed beads. The blue well I really don't know what the name of that color is but It is like a light cornflower blue just not as gray with transparent silver lined light blue size 6/0 seed beads

So What does everyone think. I would love to hear your advice/opinion.

As for the other KAL it is the chrysopolis ( I hope I spelled that right) a german KAL and that one begins on the 28th of September and I will be using Lisa Souza 100% superfine merino yarn 1750 yards in color Mother of Pearl. I have not done a swatch yet so I may have to change my mind and I'm a little worried that the size 4 needles will not produce a lacy enough effect and will have to go to size 5 and then.................... Will I have enought Yarn???????????? If any of you are in this group also I would love your advice too... Here's a picture of the yarn

All for now ......... Knit on.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The chocolate cherry and cherry bomb

Not getting much accomplished this week in terms of SOS2007 but I did manage to get my cherry chocolate ribbed sock done and a cherry bomb done for Trinity

I used Claudia's hand painted yarn color chocolate cherry on a US size 2 circular and my own vanilla sock pattern it is a k4p2 rib. For the heel I did row 1 *s1,k1* row 2 s1, purl across. I could have made the heel flap longer but I wasn't paying attention I guess; for the sock is a little tight in the arch but It still works.

For Trinity's sock I just did a 2x2 rib and then stockinette for the rest of the sock and the same heelflap as mine. I just had to have a fun name to go along with mine. I will have to wait till she wakes up from here nap to see if it fits. I still have several yards left of the one skein. Now I just need to cast on the other one of mine and hopefully have a fishished pair by Monday.

this week I have mostly been a yarn stalker and been playing with ravelry. I haven't been doing to much knitting because of all the storms that keep coming through and that makes my hands HURT. My family has a extensive history of arthritis and I'm afraid that I've got it too. BUT, that will not stop me from knitting, I just have to go slow. Sooooooooo I decided to buy more yarn (just what I need) from the Loopy Ewe. That place is awsome and I can't wait to get my order. I just received an email saying that it shipped and that means that I should have it on Saturday. I also managed to get to join wool girls sock club. I can't wait for that to start rolling in. In the meantime I should be getting my sock club yarn from I am in both of there clubs. Yes, I know 3 sock clubs. But I must admit that since June when I first started knitting socks I have become an obsessed sock knitting maniac. Yes, I'm addicted. Ok, I'm more than addicted I'm obsessed, obsessed, crazy and out of control!!!!!:))))))

Monday, August 6, 2007

Flame wave socks by Ann Budd

I have a situation that I'm not sure what to think about!!??? I purchased this yarn from Posh Yarn. It is Lucia 4ply sock weight in color way Sizzle specifically to knit this pattern and here is the problem that I am having.

In this picture you don't see any problem other than a beautiful design.

but look farther and please offer advice

These three pictures show how the yarn has faded just by being knitted and the color is ending up on my fingers. I love the yarn and it is making a beautifull sock but has anyone ever had this problem before???? What do you suggest I do to keep it from further fading/bleeding. I don't want to end up with orange feet or shoes??!!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Baby fern footies finished

Here are the pictures of my 9th pair of socks for SOS07 and my August lace pair for Sock knitters anonamous on Ralvery that is haveing a year round sock contest/knit along.

Pattern: More Sensational knitted socks- baby fern
yarn: posh yarn emily in refresh colorway the first picture shows the colors that mose accurate
needles: US size 3 addie turbo using magic loop one at a time
started 8/1/07
finished 8/3/07

I liked this pattern but it is a little more lacy than I would usually do for socks but hey they were fun to knit.

Now I think I'll knit a sock bug pattern!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sock # 8 for SOS completed

Here is pair #8 for Summer of Socks 2007.
Pattern: More Sensational knitted socks cross-stitch block
yarn: socks that rock Foo Foo colorway
needles: two size US2 circulars from crystal palace done one at a time

This is a close up picture of the leg of the sock. I goofed in the beginning of the pattern by sliping the stitches knitwise instead of purlwise for the cross sections the result is a cool twist. I must say that this pair of socks took me longer than usual but that twist in there made it more difficult to handle. Oh well I love the way they look, fit and feel. These socks are for me unless someone in my family decides to claim them for themselves. I'll have to keep an eye on them:))))

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

sos 07 sock progress

Well, I've been a busy knitting gal today and it seems that I have my sock mojo back. check out the socks

The first picture is Baby Fern pattern from More Sensational knitted socks in a footie. Yarn is posh yarn in refresh colorway. I had bought two skeins of this and had to use a little of the second to finish Trinit's socks so I decided just to make another pair for me out of the rest. knit on size 3 addi turbos using magic loop. I started this about 3pm and finished it around 10pm. I did alot of other things inbetween so it actually only took me a total of three hours to do. Now that is a fast sock.

The second picture is of my progress on the Cross stictch block sock. I only have 21 more rounds to go before starting the toe so I will get this done tomarrow and probably the other footie as well.

During one of my I just don't want to knit rages I decided to go to the Loopy Ewe and take a look around there website and after many hours of looking, deciding and trying to figure out what I wanted with out spending my next entire paycheck. I made my first purchase. 6 skeins of sock yarn. These are ones that My oldest daughter picked out and wanted me to knit some knee socks for her. I hope their shipping is not to slow. I also ordered some more sock yarn from Posh yarn 2 weeks ago and I'm hoping that it gets here yet this week.