Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Oh, I decided to spin some lace for either the mystery shawl KAL by Goddess knits or for the mystic light KAL. I guess I will just have to wait and see what others are using before I make up my mind. But, in the meantime I shall spin, spin, and spin some more of the awsome fiber.

The picture below is a spool of the light reds, pinks of the roving.

Below is the two together, the roving that is in another picture below have varying degree of reds, to pink

Below is the first skein

a close up

and the skein with the roving.

If any of you who are in these two KAL's or the owners have any thoughts, I would love to hear them.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dem Fischer Sin Fru aka The fisherman's wife

Ok, here is what I have done through row 20. I am concerned with it being to big so any advice from those who have finished clue one would be greatly appreciated.

Malibrigo lace in Pollen on size US 3 addi turbo

through row 20

a close up

measures 2 1/5 inches at this point.

Is it going to be ok or way to big????

Monday, January 28, 2008

Secret of the stole II clue 1 finished at last

I finally finished clue 1 tonight after 6 attempt to start and not mess it up. I found the if you are not really, really, really used to using super fine yarn that it is very difficult to knit with and most of all to read your knitting. I guess I havent got to that level yet. because I ended up using a much thicker yarn that suggested. You can see a picture of the yarn in the last photo. It is ivory alpaca and I would say that it is a heavy lace weight yarn. I love the results but I think I might be brave and try it again in the yarn that it called for. We'll see how ambitious I get. I also am working on clue 1 of Dem Fischer Sin Fru KAL and I am on row 19 of 77 so, the second one will have to wait. I will probably start clue 2 tomorrow.

clue one in above pic

a close up

The yarn.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monthly Dishcloth KAL January mid month dishcloth

I finally finished the January mid month KAL. I work weekends so I only had the first two days rows done and then had to go to work. Not to mention all the breathing treatments with my oldest daughter who has asthma. Oh well, tis the season for respiratory issues. Anyway, I love the cloth and just might make some more I used raspberry swirl peaches and creame yarn. This is from my new order that I just recieved this last week. Oh, I guess I should show you all what I got........

the above picture is 3 grab bags, I just wanted to see what I would all get. I have to say that I am satified with the pickin's.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some finished projects

Woody dishcloth pattern that I turned into a bib for one of the two baby's that are due this spring.

Baby bib from Mason dixon knitting also for one of the two baby's that are due this spring.

Baby Kimono from Mason dixon knitting. I used cotton ease and buttons instead of the ribbon because the two babys that I have to make gifts for are both little boys. So, I thought this would be better. I also added snaps to help the kimono stay in place better. This is the first time that I have made this patten and overall I am very happy with the way that it turned out. I will be making another one soon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MY YARN STASH!!!!! :)))

OK, are you all ready for this??????
I present to you..... Drum roll please ( please pretend you hear the drum roll)


WAIT!!!! are you SURE your ready for this??????

Ok, Ok, here it is.

The above picture is mostly sock yarn, lace wt and some Jagerspun zepher lace yarn, spinning fiber and odds and ends.

This picture is mostly wools, cottons, some acyrlic/wool blends, baby yarn and yes, fun fur. The box on top of the cubes in the upper right corner has 3 cones of Jagerspun Zepher lace in it. Now the 6 tubs to the far right have all spinning fiber and the very top green tub is full of Patons clasic wool for felting with.
Oh, and please forgive the mess... My children decided to make a huge mess in my fiber room.

I know I'm a yarn-aholic and need one of those yarn-aholic group meeting thingys. I know, I know, I should probably go on a yarn diet program..... But, what fun is that???? And to think I want to put a order in at Elmore Pisgah!! Yes, I still thing I will, No let me rephrase that. Yes, I know I will.

Happy Knitting and thanks for visiting my Yarn stash Oh and please be forwarned viewing these pictures for any length of time may cause you to enhance your stash!!!:))

Football dishcloth completed

I decided to take the 24 dishcloth/year challenge from the Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo group. this is the first cloth of the year and I have just finished it this morning and if Blogger would cooperate I would have already had it up but the blogging gremlins are out full force today. I guess I'll have to threaten them with my pointy sticks.

I am for the most part happy with it. I used US size 7 needles and I think that is a little big for my tension; so the next time I'm going to try 6's I'll have to play around with it and to do that I grabed out my Mason Dixon Knitting book and will give some clothes a try in the meantime while I wait for the Mid Month KAL to begin on the 16th of January.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm such a bad blogger:((

I Can't believe that it has been since the 14th of December since I posted anything. I have tons to share just I guess not the time to sit down and actually put it all together so tonight since everyone has been to bed for the last almost 3 hours and I had a nap today(which hardly ever happens) I am not tired and have the brain power to do this. So here we go.

this is the headband that I made for Autumn for Christmas. She wore it to school the next day and loves it. I just wish that she would just leave it on instead of having to take it off all the time to fuss with it, but oh well, she's 8 today and is just that way. I'll get over it.

Here is a picture of our furry family members... Daisy and Whitney. Daisy is the German shorthair that is usually outside but on this night she had to come in the house and decided to camp out on the couch with Whitney our Cavachon. The only reason I allowed this is that some neighbors who have horses.... well were out on our road and in our front yard trying to get those two beast back home along with a donkey. ( They have been trying to round them up for half the day). So since all this was happening I didn't want Daisy to get hurt because she can't see all that well and is not used to such large animals. Nothing like having an ass in your front yard at 10pm. ( sorry I couldn't help it)

Ok enough Pam get on with it.........

This is Autumn's Christmas concert. I know it's a bad photo but it's the best I could get. I was supposed to be on Dec. 6th but was postponed untill the 13th.

This is Miss Whitney in her newly knitted sweater. I couldn't resist because I had to have her shaved down so much that you could see flesh. So she needed something warm considering is was in the teens or lower for temperature when this happened. She seems happy enough in her sweater.

This is Autumn's purse that I knit and felted for her Christmas present. I have to say that she loves it along with about everyone else in the family. Who knows maybe next year for the Female exchange gift I'll do something felted. We'll just have to wait and see.

Ok, This is Miss Trinity my youngest modeling her newly knitted mittens. She usually is not this shy but I guess that's ok, It shows off the mittens. She loves them so much that at times she refuses to take them off and wears them all day until she needs to eat; then she'll take them off because we can't get them dirty mom!!!!

Here are the socks that I made for my mom for Christmas I used cherry tree hill yarn and YO cable from sensational knitted socks. She says that she likes them but have yet to hear if she has even tried them on yet??!!!

Wow, Look how happy Hunter is in this picture at his Thanksgiving feast. I have to say that He is a changed little boy from a year ago. 6 months of therapy and going through preschool again has made him so much happier. Don't let him fool you though He still has Sensory issues and will the rest of his life we are just finding ways for him to adapt and adjust to what he needs to keep him on a level playing field. Next school year will be intersting because he will go for full days all week instead of half days only on M,W,F. That will be intersting.

Ok, I told you I was a bad blogger.

the above picture is of the kids in there costumes before they went Trick-or-Treating. They sure are cute!!

this is the bag that I knit and felted for my goddaughter Leah. I gave it to here for Christmas. She loved it.

Last but not least I will leave you with this............

Trinity's favorite spot, The bathroom sink... She is such a water bug but this day she just wanted to sit in it.