Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MY YARN STASH!!!!! :)))

OK, are you all ready for this??????
I present to you..... Drum roll please ( please pretend you hear the drum roll)


WAIT!!!! are you SURE your ready for this??????

Ok, Ok, here it is.

The above picture is mostly sock yarn, lace wt and some Jagerspun zepher lace yarn, spinning fiber and odds and ends.

This picture is mostly wools, cottons, some acyrlic/wool blends, baby yarn and yes, fun fur. The box on top of the cubes in the upper right corner has 3 cones of Jagerspun Zepher lace in it. Now the 6 tubs to the far right have all spinning fiber and the very top green tub is full of Patons clasic wool for felting with.
Oh, and please forgive the mess... My children decided to make a huge mess in my fiber room.

I know I'm a yarn-aholic and need one of those yarn-aholic group meeting thingys. I know, I know, I should probably go on a yarn diet program..... But, what fun is that???? And to think I want to put a order in at Elmore Pisgah!! Yes, I still thing I will, No let me rephrase that. Yes, I know I will.

Happy Knitting and thanks for visiting my Yarn stash Oh and please be forwarned viewing these pictures for any length of time may cause you to enhance your stash!!!:))


DawnK said...

Wow, you could just about open a yarn store! LOL! Emily and I don't have quite that much!

Em said...

Holy Moly! I think you should donate some to 'knitters in need' - is there such a place? I'll be the founding member! Send some to me! I'm very jealous! Ha ha! Em

graymama said...

I need to show this to my husband! He would stop complaining about my tiny stash being so large.

mjm knitting said...

holy crap! that's a lot of yarn girl!
have you catalogued it into your ravelry database yet?


Don't feel guilty! Enjoy it, add to it and create!!!

Jen said...

That is impressive! I thought my stash was getting out of control, but now I think it needs more...LOL

Sharon said...

WOW!!! Can I come over and pet your yarn lol. You lucky girl, and I'm sooooo jealous :o)

Marion said...

Thank you so so much for showing this as i showed my hubby and now he thanked me for not having so much lmao. Enjoy your yarn and dont worry if you live a long life you will just have plenty to Will to your children. Life is short so enjoy your yarn and fibery stuff!!! God Bless you Marion

Anonymous said...

very nice picture on yours yarns
marianne from

Jana B said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! THAT is a lot of yarn!!!!

Thanks for sharing... I showed my hubby your stash, and he now is quite happy with mine! *slightly evil giggle*

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

If you ever feel the need to thin out some of your yarn stash...I would love to have some wool to make a pair of socks. You have so much yarn...and mine fits just about in one bag. That is a whole heck of lot of yarn. Lucky you...and to have a room to store it in too.
By the way...I kinda like the socks that rock thread....that is my opinion.