Monday, January 28, 2008

Secret of the stole II clue 1 finished at last

I finally finished clue 1 tonight after 6 attempt to start and not mess it up. I found the if you are not really, really, really used to using super fine yarn that it is very difficult to knit with and most of all to read your knitting. I guess I havent got to that level yet. because I ended up using a much thicker yarn that suggested. You can see a picture of the yarn in the last photo. It is ivory alpaca and I would say that it is a heavy lace weight yarn. I love the results but I think I might be brave and try it again in the yarn that it called for. We'll see how ambitious I get. I also am working on clue 1 of Dem Fischer Sin Fru KAL and I am on row 19 of 77 so, the second one will have to wait. I will probably start clue 2 tomorrow.

clue one in above pic

a close up

The yarn.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Thicker yarn or not, it is still beautiful!!!! I'm starting clue 2 today. I finished Dec Fischer Sin Fru clue 1 last night.

Pheelya said...

It's beautiful!! I'm in this KAL as too and I know exactly what you mean about knitting with the fine yarn. I can't seem to get past row 13 without somehow losing a stitch!! Unfortunately, I do not have a thinker yarn in my stash to fall back on!