Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crazy days

Well since my last post I probably knit enough to finish 3 pairs of socks but for some reason I have not even finish a pair. I start and then find out that they are either to small or to big. What's a gal to do???? I guess I have sock knitting block or something. but I guess I did fib. I did finish a pair of socks for Trinity, they are the only one's that fit that I started take a look.

the pattern is Crosshatch lace from More Sensational socks. Yarn is my left over posh yarn in refresh colorway, knit on US size 3 addi turbo's using magic loop method which is the first time that I used this method and I have to say that I just love it. Trinity just didn't like the thought of sitting still so I had to hold her feet to get the picture.

I did manage to get my second cross stitch block sock started today. I only have two repeats done of the leg and have 2 more to go before doing the heel flap.

so now that I took a break from knitting I steped outside and saw this

a red moon, The picture isn't the greatest but It will do.

so back to knitting hopefully tomarrow I will have better luck. I'll let you know

P.S. Part of the problem was the three baths that I had to give Trinity because she just can't help herself when she finds mud.... She just has to play and roll in it. UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Monday, July 23, 2007

1 sock, a pair of socks, more socks, socks, socks

I've been without internet for most of the day and finally at 8pm I have internet. There was another huge storm with high winds and heavy rain last night. That makes 4 in the last 7 days. Luckily we only had some branches off our two large oak trees in the back yard come down. Nothing of significance. Ok so sock, socks, socks.
I finished the 'Vog on's for my co-worker vicki here's a picture

Yarn 60% superwash merino wool, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon from Peacecat handrafts at etsy.com
pattern: 'Vog on
needles: done on 2 addie lace circulars US size 2

Then, I decided to do something more foo foo like these.....

Pattern: Cross-Stitch block from More Sensational knitted socks
yarn: socks that rock in color Foo Foo
needles: 2 US size 2 crystal palace bamboo circulars

I ended up making a mistake that in the end I liked. I sliped the stitches as if to knit instead of as to purl. What it did is twist the crossed stitch instead and I really like the way it looks, so on I shall go.

The pictures only shoe two repeats done and I'm starting repeat 4

Friday, July 20, 2007

SOS07 pair #7 progress

first sock done of pair #7. These are 'Vog on done in a pink verigated yarn that is 60% superwash merino wool 30% bamboo and 10% nylon. I purchased this yarn from Peacecat Handcrafts on etsy.com. I love the way the yarn feels and it is wonderfull to knit with. I will be purchaseing from her again. This pair of socks is big on my foot but that's ok because they are not for me :(( They are for my co-worker Vicki :)) and here foot is bigger than mine I hope she likes them. I'm going to cast on the second one and hopefully get a good start on them before I have to go to work tonight and then there will be no knitting until Sunday after my two 12 hour shifts.

knit on

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Long weekend and some Jaywalking

last weekend was very long I worked 3- 12 hours shifts in a row.... I usually only work two!! so I lost a day of working on my jaywalkers. But, I am happy to report that pair #6 is done. Take a look..............

So, now I have a delima what pattern do I want to make next?????? any suggestions????

Thursday, July 12, 2007

'VOG ON and some Jay walking!!!

Ok, I've been a busy gal this week so hubby decided to take Autumn and Hunter out to cut some wood so I only had Trinity to entertain this morning and early afternoon which allowed me to get my 2nd sock of 'Vog on done so that is pair #5 for SOS2007 here's a picture....

after that was wondering what pattern to do next and took a look at all the photos on Flickr for some ideas and decided to go Jaywalking!!!!!! so here is what I have done already.

As I was Jaywalking I had to stop and take a picture of my children and how creative they can be....................

So since I'm on sharing photos of my children..... I just could not help myself last night and took this picture.............

Take note that Trinity in the middle has her leg over Hunters head/neck and is playing with his hair ( something she always does). I did move here leg because it just looked uncomfortable!!!!

so back to SOS2007 # 6 for jaywalking,

'Vog on... yarn, posh yarn, emily in refresh colorway size 3.00mm circulars
Jaywalkers.... yarn Mountain colors hand painted yarn in feathered cherry 60% superwash wool 25% mohair 15% nylon

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A little Monkey business!!!!! :))

Ok, so it's been a little while since I actually have done a decent fun post so I've decided that I was going to do some monkey business!!. So, I came home from work on Sunday morning and had all but a few rounds of my Monkey to do and when I tried it on......... My monkey was to short. I got it on but needed one more pattern repeat and it would have been perfect. Here's what it looked like........

Sooooo, Since my monkey didn't fit, I was determined to get me a pair of monkey's :)) So since I did not have enought of this yarn to make two more I decided to make these...............

Monkey anklets.

I love the way the fit and love the color so what if I was a monkey short!!!!!

so while I was finishing my Monkey anklets the mail man decided to deliver my package of sock yarn from.... Posh Yarn. Oh let me tell you I have never felt something so soft as this yarn, I almost used it as a pillow last night. Sooooooo, after my monkey business was finished I casted on these.......................

sock # 1 of 'Vog on from knitty, yarn- Posh Yarn, Emily in colorway refresh, needle- two addi turbo lace circulars size 3mm.

I have to say that on June 21, only a couple weeks ago.... I learned how to do a heel flap and turn a heel to make an actuall pair of socks instead of tube socks and in that time this is what I have accomplished......................

4 pairs of socks and sock 1 of pair 5 on the needles ('Vog on). I guess you could say that I am a sock-a-holic now!!!!)))))

so.......... enough monkey business for now. Knit on!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

SOS 2007 2 more pairs completed 3 total so far!!

Wow, I finally got these two pairs done. I have been trying to hurry because I bought some new sock yarn and am just dying to try it out. I will try to get pictures posted later but not enough time right now. So what's on the needles--- a pair of hunting socks for my husband and I'm going to cast on some panda cotton, not sure of what pattern yet. I guess I better figure that out first. Got to go. knit on.