Tuesday, June 26, 2007


OK I have one pair of socks done and two others started. I just couldn't help it I had to work with these two yarns and I love them both. I also have a bad habit of getting bored with the pattern after awhile so It's good that I have two going at the same time that way I can switch back and forth. The pastel colored sock that actually has a heel in some wool/angora blend that I got off of Ebay and the pattern is the Yarn over cable from Sensational knitted socks by Charlene Schurch. The other one is also a wool yarn that I got off of ebay and is the 3x3 cable with moss stitch out of the same book. I have only done cables once before and that was on a dishcloth and I am happy to say they are looking very nice. well Its either back to knitting since the kids are asleep or to bed!!!! I'm not sure which, I think I'll knit for a little bit longer.

Friday, June 22, 2007

my first sock is done for sos07

Ok so this is my first sock that I completed this morning. Now I need to get the next one started. I messed up on the toe but oh well, I guess this whole thing is more of a learning experience than anything.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, I did another crazy thing..... I joined the summer of socks 2007. The reason that this is so crazy is that I have never actually turned a heel before today. This was one of my 2007 knitting goals for myself and is one of the reasons that I joined the summer of socks 07 to motivate me to accomplish this goal. Since today is the start of the contest I went to the silvers sock knitting tutorial and began my first sock. As you can see in the pictures I have made it through the heel part and now down the foot I go. I am so proud of myself!!!!!!

I'm knitting the socks out of Jojoland Kaleidoscope, color HM22.... It reminds me of orange and raspberry sherbert. I'm using size 2 dpn's. These will be ankle socks for myself.

Monday, June 4, 2007

New mystery

Wow, I guess you could say that I love a good mystery!!! For I have started two New mystery shawl knit alongs and thought that I would share my progress with you all.

The first one is from the mystery shawl KAL from goddes knits. I will have to say I have had alot of trouble with this one. I have started it 5 times with 4 different yarns and finally like what I'm getting. This is the picture of clue 1 and I will be starting clue 2 tonight after my SIL delivers a printed copy of it for me ( I don't have a printer right now) . This shawl is knit from the top down and will be a triangle shape. I'm doing this on size 6 needles and am using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn.

The second one is from the SASE yahoo group and this is also week one completed. This shawl is more of a stole as far as I can tell right now but who knows it is a mystery and you never know when somethings going to change. The picture is only of a portion of it so I could show more of the detail. This one I am knitting on size 8 needles and am using 100% baby alpaca.