Wednesday, August 1, 2007

sos 07 sock progress

Well, I've been a busy knitting gal today and it seems that I have my sock mojo back. check out the socks

The first picture is Baby Fern pattern from More Sensational knitted socks in a footie. Yarn is posh yarn in refresh colorway. I had bought two skeins of this and had to use a little of the second to finish Trinit's socks so I decided just to make another pair for me out of the rest. knit on size 3 addi turbos using magic loop. I started this about 3pm and finished it around 10pm. I did alot of other things inbetween so it actually only took me a total of three hours to do. Now that is a fast sock.

The second picture is of my progress on the Cross stictch block sock. I only have 21 more rounds to go before starting the toe so I will get this done tomarrow and probably the other footie as well.

During one of my I just don't want to knit rages I decided to go to the Loopy Ewe and take a look around there website and after many hours of looking, deciding and trying to figure out what I wanted with out spending my next entire paycheck. I made my first purchase. 6 skeins of sock yarn. These are ones that My oldest daughter picked out and wanted me to knit some knee socks for her. I hope their shipping is not to slow. I also ordered some more sock yarn from Posh yarn 2 weeks ago and I'm hoping that it gets here yet this week.

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