Thursday, October 18, 2007

Secret of the stole clue 2 completed

Secret of the stole
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Wow, I just started to knit this on tuesday evening after the kids went to bed and I can't believe how fast it really went. I worked on it also last night and decided to finish the last 6 rows this morning and what do you know...... I'm done!!!! I love this pattern so far and am exited to see what the next clue with look like.

Well off to work on the Secret of Chrysopolis, I've neglected that one and it sure is beautiful so I better get my but in gear. I'm still on clue one and clue four is going to out tomarrow.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Really gorgeous!!!!!

katknits>^..^ said...

I should finish Clue 2 in a couple hours and I can't wait to see Clue 3 either! I'm really glad I found this KAL!

LUL said...

It looks great!

Sara said...

I love the way your stole is turning out! I really like the solid colors the best.
I really need to get to knitting mine, I am way, way behind.