Monday, March 3, 2008

Yarn P*rn, what's on my needles and finished objects

Hey everyone, this is going to be one heck of a long post but I have a lot to share so I guess I start with the good stuff first so here is some Yarn P*rn for you all to drool over.

1. This is Spunky Eclectic's fiber club 8 oz of South African fine wool in colorway: Think Spring. Here is what Amy said about this colorway..... The grey skies are parting for the pink sunrises and the brighter yellow days of Spring. Can you feel it coming?? Well, I have to say a big fat NO,NO, NO. Sorry don't mean to scream at you all but today was day 13 (I think) of no school because of crappy weather and snow and glaring icy roads. I don't think that my children have had a week of school since before Christmas break.

2. This is some Fannie's Fingering Weight sock yarn from Farmhouse Yarns, LLC in colorway Brambles that I just could not resist from Woolgirl.

3. 5 skeins Malabrigo lace weight in colorway Charrua #259 I have to say sherri at The Loopy Ewe is very naughty. She is such an enabler that I just can't help adding more to my stash.

4. Chameleon colorworks bambino sock yarn in colorway purple rain and peacock also from the loopy Ewe

5.A skien of Loopy Legends sock yarn in colorway: Ronnie's jewel Box and a Loopy sock project bag. I love them both and hope to add more of the loopy legends to my stash in the future.

Ok, enough of the yarn P*rn on on to the next topic......

What's on my Needles.......

Well, I have a couple of projects on the needles, I'll start with the one's that I don't have pictures for or have shown pictures in previous posts
1. the Goddess knits 2008 mystery shawl KAL I am done with clue 1 and have yet to start clue 2 but you'll understand why latter in the post.

2. the Hourglass Sweater from Last-Minuted Knitted Gifts my Joelle Hoverson. I'm doing it in 50/50 wool, angora blend in a medium grey color. it's yarn that I bought off of ebay on a 2kg cone. I am throught the main body section and have the first sleeve started.

3. the Monthly Dishcloth KAL March casted on today and have day 1 and 2 done.

4. secret of the stole ii- I am on clue two but I have to frog back two rows becasue I messed something up and I just have not done it yet. I actually am whatching what everyone elses looks like because I am uncertain if I actually like it yet. So..... this is on the back burner for the moment.

Ok so now for the one's with pictures which acutally is only 1 so here it is......

this is the hooded blanket I do believe it is from I am making it out of lime cotton ease and I am doing it differnt from the actuall patter. I did 3 inches of double moss stitch for a boarder and them sockinette in the center. I still don't know what else that I'm going to change I guess I will decide that when I get this part done. Right now it is 26 inches wide and I like that size better than the original pattern. The bottom picture of the two is a close up of the pattern detail but the first picture is much closer to the actual color of the yarn.

Ok, Now for the FINISHED OBJECT.....

these are the socks for my Best Friend Tracey. The pattern is silky drops from Palace yarns. I used knitpicks Risata yarn in Burgundy. I have to say I am so thankfull that these are done. I was starting to really hate stockinette by the time I was halfway done with the second sock. My husband thought that I was going to go crazy or something tonight because I just could not get the off the needles fast enough. But, I am glad that they are finished and will be delivered to Tracey on the 15th of this Month. Oh, and these socks were the reason that I have not started clue 2 of the mystery shawl KAL, but before I go and start on clue 2. I'm going to finish the hooded baby blanket because this is also for Tracey and she is due to have here little man sometime shortly after Easter. So, I have to get moving on it. I did get a good couple of inches done today especially once I got out of the double moss stitch pattern that takes forever.

Ok, I told you it was going to be a long one......... so until next time keep knitting.

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