Saturday, June 19, 2010



I have officially decided to do the 52 Pair plunge 4 this year. It started on June 1st and I'm sad to say that I have yet to make a pair of socks. Why you ask is that? Well, I've been a little busy this month. I had a wedding last weekend and tons of family in town and lots of gatherings and on top of that I started a new job on the 7th as well. So with the new job consuming all of my time and it being summer and the kids are home all day driving me crazy I have my work cut out for me.

But, on the good side I have babies that I can knit socks for that are due this winter so that will help me get to my 52 pairs.

So with that said I did cast on a sock today. I started Wendy Johnson's Diagonal Lace socks which is also the pattern for the June KAL in the group Socks from the toe up KAL on Ravely.

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