Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where is everyone???

Mysterious person say's.... "Pam, where are you???? Paaaammmmm, are you there???, Paaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, where have you been???? Do you here me??? PAM, ANSWERE ME, are you there????"

Pam finally say's " Where am I? Who is yelling at me? What day is it? What the heck is going on???"

Mysterious person replies.. " Pam, It's Oct. 30, 2008! Where the heck have you been your readers have been looking for you??"

Pam... " Readers?! What, who is this?"

Mysterious person... "I'm your blog you dufus!! where have you been?"

Pam finally comes to and realizes.... " holly crap black cat it's almost Holloween and I've been gone since when????

Mysterious person replies.... " You've been gone since August 28th. Where have you been?"

Pam .. "Well, Let me think.............. where have I been?"

mysterious music starts to play in the background......

OK, Ok, I'm back and this is what I've been doing since the last post.

I made this hat for my Nephew and Godson Braxton. I still have one more to make for his sister Emma in Pink and White.

This young lady joined our family. My children named her Shadow. I felt so bad for her that I just couldn't help myself because I, in my mind can't stand when people dump there animals out when they can't defend themselves. For Shadow was declawed. So, she is now in our happy home.

I made this Simple Lace Shrug by Lisa Sisk out of knit picks SIerra yarn for Autumn, my oldest daughter. I know.... that shirt is not a good fit for the shrug but it's what she had on at the time I took the picture. It turned out great and just as I thought it would.

I've been putting up with this man... My lovely Hubby. Doesn't he look just happy in this picture? He should be because Trinity and the dog (Whitney) are both alseep. I should say that he has actually had to put up with me!! Na, I like it the other way around!

I've been loading, unloading and stacking this lovely wood that my hubby cuts and splits so that we have a toasty warm house this winter without breaking the bank by paying way to high utility bills. ( I call this sweat equity... wouldn't you?)

I sewed this bag for my Niece and Goddaughter Leah for Christmas. She loves horses and when I saw this fabric I new that I had to make something for her with it. Now Kris, YOU BETTER NOT SHOW HER THIS!! Oh, and my oldest daughter is also going to get one for Christmas, I just have to make it yet.

I made these socks for my Sister-in-law...Pam... The other Pam that is. I did these just because she is always there when I need to vent. Thanks Pam.

I made this felted bag for charity. I is going to the 3Center silent auction at work. The money raised will go to those employee's of St. Lukes Hospital that lost there homes to the flood in June.

I had a birthday. I turned 35 on October 23rd and I got 18 red roses.

I also died!........ Yes, that is right I died in sock wars. That was a miserable experience that I am not sure that I will do agian. The only thing that I'm going to say is that is was very unorganized and the pattern sucked.

well, I guess I shouldn't joke about dieing becasue we did have a funeral also. Aarons uncle died and his Grandpa Joe is also not doing so great.

Let's see what else have I done...... Oh, I made lots and lots of salsa, yes, HOT, HOT, salsa. which leads me to the next picture but not of what I have done but now we go to the what I have to do....

Make applesauce! That I will start on Monday after I drop the kids off at school and then Trinity and I will peel, core, cut, cook and can these apples. who knows, I may just get up enough energy to make an apple pie.

Then I will fininsh the second sock of Leahs Birthday present and work on finishing my Lady February sweater that I only have the sleeves left to do. Oh, and all the rest of the Christmas knitting that I have to do yet.

And maybe soon I will have some really, really good news. I'll just keep you all in the dark on this one until I know more myself but it's really exciting.

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Your felted bag is beautiful !! I just discoverd your blog, and I realy like it.
Rita Elvira