Thursday, January 8, 2009

LnV sock marathon 2009 and Autumn's B-day

I joined the Lime n Violet sock marathon 2009 challenge. What is this you ask?! Well, this is where you add up all your sock yarn and figure out home many mile of sock yarn you have and then set a goal to knit say 1 mile of sock yarn. The marathon starts Feb 1 and goes until Sep 1, 2009. Ok are you ready for my sock yarn stash? Here is a picture of it.

I have 64,372 yards of sock yarn which is 36.575 miles of sock yarn. I basically have enough to make 162 pairs of adult socks with left overs which usually get made into socks for the kids.

Thats a lot of sock yarn. So my goal is to knit 5 miles of sock yarn which is 8800 yards of sock yarn. There is 26 weeks for me to knit and I broke this down to be 338.5 yards a week that I need to knit. Basically that is pair of socks a week.

I'm glad that I am not limited to socks only. The rules state that You can make whatever you want but it just has to made out of sock yarn.
So, if you want to keep track of how I'm going I put a knitmeter just under the knit wars so that We all can keep track of how I'm going.


I decided to again attempt the Monthly dishcloth KAL challenge of knitting all 24 of the KAL clothes. I got the 1st one of the January cloth done. Here is a picture of it.


yep, I'm in a next kind of mood sorry. But, last but not least is my oldest daughter Autumn turned 9 yesterday, here is a picture of the birthday girl and her favorite grandma and aunt. Oh, and the cake.

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Elvira`s knitting blog said...

What a wonderful cake!!! I cant show this to my doughter, she had brithday last week and I made a footballkake- witch was NOT perfeckt. Wow I need your recepie!

Rita Elvira