Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Socks, socks and more about socks

Well, It's been a long time since my last post but I just had to take time out today and post because there are lots of things that are going on in the sock knitting world for me that I need to share so here we go.

First, There is sock madness 3. I finished round two and here is my finished pair of socks

The round 3 pattern just came out yesteday and well it's a cable patten so I have to say there is no way that I will finish that in time to go on to round 4. (There are many reasons for this that I will get to in a bit.... Keep reading)

second, I have failed, yes, failed at the 52 pair plunge challenge on Ravelry. I got very distracted with with the June 08 flooding and all the clean up, then there was the canning of all the salsa and apples that fall, then the Christas knitting started and well then the first of the year I decided to spin like a crazy maniac. So all of the sudden it's the middle-end of April and I have only done 11 pair. Even if I only knit baby socks I will not make it.

Third and the most exciting............

Wendy Johnson's new sock book calles Socks from the Toe up arrived in my mailbox this last Thursday and I love every single pattern in the book and want to knit them all. So what do I do? I go to Ravelry and see if there is a group started for the book.... I'm looking and looking and looookkkkinng and I don't see one. So, thus I the crazy knitter that I am started the group Socks from the toe up KAL

I have been busy a heck sending out letters for donations and or sponsors for the KAL. It starts on June 1st and will go for 23 months (because there are 23 patterns in the book). So far there are 8 full sponsors and several other indy companies donating prizes. Thank you to all of you for the donaiton.

So go check it out because I have to get back to organizing all the prizes

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