Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainbow and mail call

This picture is the result of lots of rain, wind and gloom on Monday and this was the end result on Tuesday when it finally decided to be nice. It was the most pretty thing I have seen so far this Spring. Yes, it is Spring and this weekend we are going to get another snow storm. I guess that Queen Spring forgot to tell King Winter that he was FIRED. Well this is what we get for living in Iowa.

Ok That's the Rainbow so now to the Mail Call.

I placed an order with Carol at the Sheep Shed Studio in WY because she got this huge 600 pound bale of fiber from the Brown Sheep Company and then sells the fiber to all us crazed spinners in the world. I have heard many great things about this Big Bale sale before and I just had to see what all the hype was about so I place an order for 10 pounds of Big Bale Sale roving and 1 pound of nylon because I had heard that there was some superwash in there and then I could get out my Louet junior carder and make up some sock batts to spin for sock yarn. So it finally arived yesterday by my very pregnant mail lady and I went out to get it from her and she said,"what the heck do you have in these boxes, this is the 3rd one this month?" I explained that I spin and knit and she just didn't get it. Oh well, Soooooo you'r probably wanting to see what the heck was in the package. Ok, I suppose I'll so you but first I had to organize it by putting all the like colored rovings together.

Pictures.......... Are you ready?????

Are you Sure your ready???????

OK, OK, I'll stop messing with you all here they are....

Sorry for the picture being upside down but well that's what I get for trying to take pictures with Trinity at my heels. This is the 1 pound of nylon and the little blue bag is the thank you roving and it is a beautiful blue superwash.

This is just a small pile of scraps that just don't fit into the other piles of roving so they will go into the scrap bag for later.

this is blue and red superwash pin drafted roving that is a tangled mess and will be carded into batts and I'll add some nylon to it and spin some sock yarn. It will take alot of work but it is very doable.

The rest of the pictures are excellent super soft wool roving that I have yet to test to see if it is superwash wool or not. there were two piles the one in the chair and the very last picture that had at least 2 pounds or more of roving. I think I will have to spin this and make myself a couple of sweaters for next winter. The others are smaller piles but most are 4 oz or more of fiber and it is all wonderfully soft. I look forward to getting to getting a chance to spin it up but first I have to finish my swap fiber that's on the wheel now and then I am going to spin some lace singles for a Knit a long that I'm going to do on the Spunky Eclectic Ravelry group and there is also Sock madness that will get me all distracted when round two starts.

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