Friday, March 13, 2009

The socks that took me FOREVER to finish and Mail call

This is the sock that took me forever to finish. Why you say! Well, I got side tracked by spinning, Ravelry and well it was boring to knit. Now I know why I don't like to knit plain old stockinette socks..... Boring. But I like them and did learn alot from this pair of socks but first let me tell you about the pattern and sock yarn.

Pattern: Fingering Weight toe up socks with gusset and slip stich heel by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Whimzy Pinzy Creations 100% merino superwash wool sock yarn in colorway Chocolate & Love.

Ok so what I learned other than the fact that it's a boring knit.
1. I need to add more increases into the upper part of the leg before the cuff it I want them to not cut the circulation off to my feet.
2. I hate the way the heel and heel flap is constructed. This is just my own personal opinion.
3. I do like toe up sock. What a great way to try them on and make sure they fit before being commited to 3/4 of the sock.
4. I will not do a 1x1 twisted rib again if it is at all possible that the sock will be tight. I do believe if I had done a stardard 1x1 rib or even a 2x2 rib that the cuff would not have been as tight. Not to mention that crazy me thought that I would want to go to a size 0 needle for the cuff. The rest of the sock was done on a size 1 addi turbo's.
5. I love them anyway because I do not mind the fact that I slouch them down on my leg as I don't want to cut all blood flow to the feet off. That would make fore even more intersting conversation at work.

Ok enough about the socks on to MAIL CALL

So Mail Call is basically me sharing what fibery/yarny goodness that has come to me via the USPS/UPS/FEDEX carriers that dare try to come near my door. ( For the German short hair named Daisy owns the front steps and they all know it)

Ok so here's the pictures .....

the first picture is of 3 4oz braids of Panda in colorway forcast and tahiti. the last picture is some sock batts each about 1 oz in superwash BFL heathered in colorway mermaid.

these are all from Spunky Eclectics March update. I love her dyeing and all her fibes and I will be getting more from her.

So the next Mail Call will have either Souther Cross Fibre or Spunky Eclectic club shipments or my books will be here. So keep checking you'll never know what I get in the mail.


Julie the LakeHouse Lady said...

Oooo...that's yummy stuff! Spunky's fiber is always so beautiful. Someday I hope to be "just like" her!! ha ha!

And your socks are gorgeous!! Thanks for the tips, too. I'm going to keep them in mind. I have not knit socks yet, but I am really, really wanting to.

I'm gonna save your blog!

Beth said...

Your socks look great! I refuse to knit socks from the cuff down for lots of reasons but the biggest is the heel. I absolutely despise how the heel is constructed. I got so frustrated I wrote my own basic sock pattern from the toe up and use kitchener stitch to bind off the top or single crochet it off a little loose. The roving is making me drool........need to go find a kleenex.