Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 6 Brrrrrrrr


This is what today has been like all day. Cloudy, windy, cold and rainy. So what do we like to eat on a day like today?????


Minestrone Soup!

So, what is your favorite cold weather soup or meal??


Penny said...

ooh that soup looks good! i love soup on cold days... maybe i need to make some, it's freezing here!

DawnK said...

Soup! Vegetable soup, chicken soup, chili. You name it! Minestrone is good, too. OH yeah, bean soup, as well.

Also, braised pot roast with wine and fruit. Yummy. http://www.lakebreeze.org/kitchen.htm for recipe. Found it in a women's magazine a LONG time ago. Can't even remember which one anymore. It's so easy to make and so good.

DawnK said...

I like the make a whole chicken, say on the weekend, then spend after supper making chicken broth from the carcass and having chicken soup later in the week. If I don't make the broth RIGHT after supper, then I never get around to it.