Monday, January 22, 2007

results of the SID evaluation

This is not the entire evaluation just the major parts of it
Hunter scored in the definite difference range for auditory, visual, bestibular, touch adn oral sensory processing with probable difference for multisensory processing. Hunter scored in the definite differnce for sensory processing related to endurand/tone, modulation related to body position, modulation of movement affecting activity level and movement. Hunter scored a probable difference with modulation of sensory input affecting emotional responses. Hes scored difinite differnce for modulation of vestibular input affecting emotional responses and activity level, emotion and social responses. Hunter scored in the probable differnce for behavioral outcomes of sensory processing. Hunter scores on sensory factors included definite differnce for sensory seeking, emotional reactive, low endurans/tone, oral sensory sensitivity, and attention distractibility, and poor registration; he scored in the typical performance for sensory sensitivity, sedentary, and fine motor perceptual. So, I'm not sure what this exactly all means as of yet. Once I find out I'll post it.

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