Thursday, January 25, 2007

What a day 1/25/07

Ok so, what a day it was. Hunter actually went to bed last night and stayed there. As did everyone else. Today was interesting when I thought Trinity was asleep and she walkes ever so quietly up to me and yells "mama, popo" Oh boy, poop there was from head to toe on this child. She's been doing that lately. The minute she does her business off comes the diaper and smear away. You'd think that after the first time of stinky poo in you hair, hands and face that she wouldn't do it again, but nope round two of poo everywhere this evening. I'm tired of giving here baths and she has horrible ezcema so that does not do it any good. So for Hunter he had an ok day, He screamed and yelled alot. His two favorite phrases are " I hate baby's" and " I hate you forever" . Tonight Aaron took Hunter and Autumn sledding and you would have thought that would have worn him out. Not at all, he came home and had to run in circles in the living room for an hour. Drove me nuts. But anyway. I hopeing to get Hunter to the Witwer childrens therapy center next week. I'll probably get a phone call on Monday to set that up.
As for the picture. that was after sledding tonight when they were running around, I managed to get them to stop for 2 seconds for a quick picture.


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Claudia said...

Wow. You're a wonder. I give you a tremendous amount of credit. As for the socks, my granddaughter has terrible problems with socks too. My daughter has to turn them inside out so the seams don't touch Madeline's skin, almost all socks "hurt" her. She doueslove the socks I knit though, presumably becuase she knows that if Nana knits you socks - it means you're special, AND there are NO seams!

You can find measurements for kids sock sizes here: