Friday, September 14, 2007

My final bead choice for secret of the stole

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Ok, I finally found the perfect bead since there were so many of you that commented that you liked to brown beads but yet likes the blue so I came to find these beads from stone mountain gems and beads and I am just in love with them. the picture really does not do it justice. they are a small amber triangle shaped bead with rounded edges and a teal/bule center. they are just awsome in person. I have not had a chance to swatch per say but I have everything ready to go. I would love to know everyones thoughts on this one.

Knit on


Christina said...

I think it looks very nice!

Scarlett said...

Okay, compromises are always best. You made us happy while within your legal rights of making yourself happy.


I like those, so it is fine.

Now, if I could ever knit my swatch successfully, I might feel as good as you.

Pam said...

Well, here's one for you, I've swatched but my children ran off with it before I could even get a photo and determine if it was the fabric that I wanted!!!!!))