Monday, August 18, 2008


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I finally finished this lovely bag the Elisa's nest tote. ( you can find the pattern for free on I started this back in June and only had part of one handle left to make and life got in the way and I put it in a drawer and now today I dug it out (because I was cleaning) and decided to finish it. I love the pattern except for one part. The handles are to close together making for a small opening. I think I would make the opening larger next time. The pattern was very easy to do and only took minimal brain power to figure how to do the I-cord handles. The only thing I don't like about this pattern is the color of the yarn itself. Oh well, Its for groceries so life goes on.

Note to all:
I bet your wondering what the heck I have a chair doing facing my wall like it is!!!!! Well, that is actually one of my freshly painted walls in my remodeled living room that my children decided to make a tent with all my dining room chairs since there is nothing in the living room because we are still waiting for the hardwood floor to come and be installed. so, I can't wait for that to get done and then I will so you all pictures of it.

Well, till next time. Knit on my friends.

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