Friday, August 15, 2008

Mockery socks finished

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Did you all think I fell off of the face of the earth???? No, I most certainly did not. I just got caught up in the wirl wind of tornado's, floods, working way to much because of the first two and trying to remodel and clean like mad along with many other issues that have happened to get in the way. I hope that once school starts on the 20th that things may start to slow down a little bit. I will have two in school full time now and only Trinity at home during the day. So my schedule will be a little easier than is was last year but you never know..... things just are not going the way I want them to.! I have lots of gardening to take care of and more cleaning and remodeling so I will be busy. I hope to get pictures posted of the living room and entry after the floor gets put in hopefully next week.

Ok, enough about that , I finally finished these socks. they are Mockery socks. You can find the pattern on Ravelry I use wollmeise in Campi orange and I have to say I LOOOOVVVVEEEE the color. I was really worried that I would not like the color but wow it really is nice. The picture does not do either the color of the yarn nor the pattern justice. But it's the best that I can do for right now. Well, I must get sleep for it is almost 1AM and the sun rises way to early for me. Till Next time........ Knit on!

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Jill L said...

Great socks and I hope life settles down for you!