Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wow! It's been a really long time since I had blogged last. It was mostly due to a crazy summer with the kids home and lots of gardening and canning. But, since they are back at school I have actually had more time to knit and I finally got all the pieces to my Noro Flowers Design 11 finished last night and blocked them out this morning so I won't have such a hard time seaming them together. Here they are.......

I still have the front edge to do but I wanted to give the peices a little more form before doing that. Originally this was supposed to be for my daughter but well...... It's going to fit me instead. So, I guess I'll have to let her pick out another pattern that is more her sizing and then off I will go on that one.

The yarn was spun by me and I purchased the roving from Spunky Eclectic. It was some of the last Coripaca that she had available. Colorway is Thunderstorm.

Hopefully I will piece it together tomorrow and have the edging done by Thursday. Well that's my goal anyway but things always seem to change and not go my way such as all the pain that I have been having in my neck, shoulders, hands and wrists. I am blaming it on the 2 car accidents that I was in when I was 10 and 14. I was told last year that I have some significant narrowing and beginning arthritis in my neck and back which does not help the fact that I have several large knots in my trapezius muscles as well and they have been giving me some major fits lately so that's causing most of my pain. Well at least now I can officially say my children are a pain in my neck!!!

Ok so since I canned all this food I had to find a place to put it all..... I thought where in the heck will it fit that is a fairly cool room in the winter (we heat with wood and the house can get darn right hot sometimes) so I found a space in my office/junk room that would work perfectly. I purchased a 48" wide shelving unit and then had to clean out the room. Well at least I can find the floor now but I still have tons of paperwork to go through. The self is also about 6 1/2' or taller. So here is a picture of all the goodies.....

Ok I'll start on the very bottom self... That's all the Bread and butter pickles. Next shelf up is all spicy dill pickles which are my family's favorite. Next shelf up on the left side is all the salsa and the pickles on the right are Kosher dills. The Next shelf up has the following from right to left......... Gooseberry jam, pickles beans in the following flavors.. dill, sweet and tangy, spicy and mustard,pickled beets are next and then the sweet pickle relish.

That was a lot of work and I am pleased to see that I still have the very top shelf to put some stuff on for storage but you can't see that in the picture. Well that's enough for today and hopefully I will be more of a regular blogger now.

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DawnK said...

You will have lots of munchies for the winter! I can't remember the last time I had a home-canned pickle! Yum! Once DH's dad gave us a box of cucumbers and a friend of ours turned them into pickles for us! They were soooo good.