Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Fun Freecycle Find (very heavy with pictures)

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on my local Freecycle site that a lady was offering a large box of sewing patterns so, being the crafty nut that I am I jump on the change to see what was in the box. Well I have to say that there were many that I will never make, some that are just pure funny to look at and some that are classic treasures that I am proud to have. So.... this posting is very heavy with the pictures to please if you have dial up I'm sorry but this will take forever. So on with the showing of my treasure.

I can now make a vest or several differnt ties for my hubby but the only problem with that is he'll never wear it. People actually made ties???!! Oh yeah, this was made in 1970!

This pattern is for little girls pajamas or nightgown from 1964. I just think there cute as ever.


This one just make me laugh and think of Richard Simmons..... That's all I'm going to say. Take a look.


Little boys jumpers from 1965


Can you say "Hammer time!" 'nuf said!


I'm assuming since I was born in 1973 That I would have worn something along this line as a one year old. Pattern from 1972 and I want a ruffle butt because they are so cute. Ok, maybe not now but when I was little they would have been.


I remember my older sisters wearing tops like these. I do believe my oldest sister wore the ruffled collared one for here senior pictures! Pattern is from 1978


Suit Jackets from 1971 Just makes me laugh just because.


A Miss pajama pattern (oops they called them nightgowns back then) from 1972. Take a look at the blue on.... That style of top is back. I've seen many tops in the store and some knit pattern on Ravelry as well.


Girls pajamas. Pattern copyrighted in 1948!


OMG this next one just makes me bust a gut laughing. Take a look it's from 1975. Who does the one in the solid brown suit remind you of??


Ok, this one will be used lots.


Little girls pattern from 1972. I could see my girls in these with some modifications.


Not sure on the date of this pattern but late 50's into the 60's?? Very functional apron in that time.


No Date on this one but it was only $0.60. They call this a Beach dress.


I really like this skirt and may just make one. Pattern is from 1962.


Here's a classic jacket and skirt style. I can do without the plaid though. From 1976


Bloomers anyone!?? From 1971



Anyone deal with this interesting garment?? Pattern from 1971, I probably wore something like this as well as a baby.


I did this picture as big as I could because I just wanted to show you the style from 1975. Check out those shoes!! Do they remind you of some????


Here is a Cape and Skirt pattern from 1967


And FINALLY a pattern from 1986 God help me if I ever wore anything like this.


Ok, so that's just a small sampling and I know your probably thinking that small is not the word for it but here is a picture of the box and all of the patterns.


I think I have tortured you all for today. Till next time...............

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