Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I think I'm in Love.....

This I think... No I know I'm in love with!!!! This is my first spun yarn after buying my wheel and receiving it 3 weeks ago. I went to have a class with the lady I bought my wheel from last thursday and she said " you don't need to be taught anything, Your a natural!" WOW what a compliment!. This is 100% alpaca. there is approximately 682 yards and weighs about 8 oz on my kitchen scale. This yarn is a bulky yarn I would most likely knit it with size 9-11 US needles. I'm not sure what I will use this for as of yet but, I'm sure something with be calling it name/

this is some wool that I tried to make into lace weight, but It does not have enough twist. I guess I will have to spin faster!!

These two pictures are of clue 1 of the mystery shawl KAL. I spun this myself!!!! I'm so impressed. this is a 50 merino and 50 silk from the Copper Moose in black cherry. There is about 840 yards in the ball and skein that needs to be wound up. I think I will do one more skein but just a little bigger and we'll see if that will be enough for the whole shawl. I'm not sure but I don't want to spin more that what I need. I'd like some left for some lace weight. I am using a size 7 needle.

OK, well that's all for knitting at the moment. I need to get to bed tomarrow Hunter has a appointment at the University of Iowa for testing for ADHD and Autism. We have to leave at 6:00 am and hopefully will make it home by 6:00pm. So, I need to try to sleep but I don't think I'll get much. To much on the mind:((

Happy Knitting


kadezmom said...

Pam - I saw your post on the dishcloth kal and thought I'd come on over and check out your blog. I am so impressed! Great job spinning. I would love to give it a try, but I'm afraid I'd become too addicted. I feel for you with dealing with an SID child. That was one of the many things we ended up "reprogramming" with my oldest daughter. Hang it there. It's totally worth the effort. Have you read OUT OF SYNC CHILD? That's how I found out about SID, and found yet another piece of the puzzle misplaced by seizures. Knit and Spin on!!!!

kadezmom said...

And then I read February...... Another thought is vision therapy. It sounds like a crock, but it also worked wonders. My email is kadezmom@yahoo.com if you ever want to bounce ideas back and forth! As for the IEP, I'd try. What did he have one for before? I've found it's much easier to keep an IEP going than it is to get one later down the line. I was pondering his needs when he starts going to a full day of school. You are doing a great job keeping on top of things! It's hard to be the parent pusher, but trust me, it's worth every ounce of effort.

The Knitstress said...

How awesome congratulations on your success spinning. I will learn how to spin some day.




Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Your yarn looks scrumptious! I so wish I could touch it through my screen! LOL

pam said...

Now, that would be an intersting option.

Tui said...


I´m also doing mystery shawl so found my way that way here. :)

I envy people who can make their own yarn! :)

Your shawl looks very beautiful. :)

-Taija from Finland