Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yahoo deactivated my account!!!!

I can't belive it I email 5 of my yahoo groups requesting help with the whole not being able to put a picture on my blog and I get 35 undeliverable emails back to me. Then latter I find out that they deactivated my account. Now after talking to custermer service I have to wait for 12-48 hours for them to review my case and determine it they are going to reactivate it. I can't believe this shit. Oh well I guess I will keep spinning. I already have one spool full of some beautiful alpaca.


Jill said...

Yahoo has been putting posts in the SPAM file if they are emailed to more than one group at a time. I noticed right now that they put your "Hunter's Progress" post in the Spam file, which isn't too much of a problem for me as I can still release it from there, but maybe Yahoo "thinks you're spamming" when you are just updating all your groups on you son's progress. If they don't reactivate your account, you can always rejoin our group with a new Yahoo account. Then you might want to just copy and paste your posts into individual emails rather than sending out to multiple groups with just one.
Good luck! I hope they re-activate your account. ~Jill of Our Special Needs Children

pam said...

Jill, thank You I will do just that the next time. Guess they taught my a lesson today. Thanks