Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Ok, so I've been thinking about buying a spinning wheel and today I went to look at the Ashford Joy and the Ashford Traveler. I fell in love with the traveler and just didn't want to leave without taking one home with me. But, It had to be ordered. I should receive it next week around Wednesday. I can't wait. Now I just have to figure out where my wheel will be stored. I think that I will clean out my bedroom closet and store it in there when I'm not using it so the little ones won't get into trouble. As for fibers, I have a few ordered and hopefully they will arive around the same time next week. Wouldn't that be sad..... A wheel and NO fiber!!!!!! When I get it assembled and get a little bit of fiber spun I will post a picture. What an adventure this will be!!!

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